Deadpool (ask_deadpool) wrote,

Amazing Artistry of the Adroitest Kind

Hey, all you krazy kids out there! Guess what my Number One Fan, foresthouse, just sent me? Go on, GUESS! Ah, you'll never guess, so I'll just tell ya! She sent me the black-an-white (a.k.a. pencil an' ink) versions of that fun an' freaky Doc Oc story from Deadpool 900. Remember that? The one with the ping-pong balls? YEAH.

Apparently the totally talented Nathan Massengill sent them to her, like, MONTHS ago, an' she just now remembered 'em. WHAT A FEEB. Even if she is my biggest fan. ANYwhoodle, since I know how much y'all love my fearsome mug, in color OR in black-an-white, I'ma share these digital bits of art with you RIGHT NOW. (Pencils by Sanford "Racing Frogs Are Fun" Greene, inks by Nathan "Awesomest Guy Ever" Massengill.)

Yeah, I rock. Ya don't need ta tell me. But you can anyway if ya want.

Isn't that stewardess-babe adorable? Well, 'cept when she's makin' a face at my beautiful mug. Bah!

Think I might use that top right panel on posters when I run fer mayor a'New York. Whaddaya think? Need ta think of a good slogan, though...

Me an' the babe were having a face-makin' contest in the bottom left there. I won, a'course. BOOYAH.

Oh, NATURALLY I ended up on a cruise with a supervillain. Where's Spidey when ya don't want ta be bothered on vacation??

Note me kickin' Oc's many-armed butt. (A many-armed butt? Ew. OK. REPHRASE THAT.)

Anything that happened between the top an' bottom'a this page was COMPLETELY Doc Oc's fault. That's my story, an' I ain't budgin' from it!

Hope you enjoyed those! Until next time, keep 'em firm an' fuzzy!

P.S. Rumor has it foresthouse has got another set'a black-an-white pics stashed away, so stay tuned in case she sends those along later. W00t!
Tags: art, bet you never saw this coming, black-an-white-an-cool-all-over, booyah ping pong, comics, cruisin with the oldies & i ain't kiddin, deadpool, doc oc's many-armed butt ew, foresthouse, i am deadpool, my number one fan, nathan "awesomest guy ever" massengill, picspam is better than ham, sanford "racing frogs are fun" greene, stupid stewardess
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