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The Greatest Collaboration OF ALL TIIIIIMEEEE. (Mwahahahaha.)

After months...after years...well ok, after at least a buncha weeks...DEADPOOL'S BACK! That's right, feebs, I been away in th' UK but now I'm back in th' office, and I come over ta this here journal bearin' shiny amazin' gifts th' likes'a which you all NEVER seen before (no really. You never. 'Cause this is a totally new thing. An' YOU get ta see it FIRST). That's right! Deadpool [refers to self in third person, likes long walks in th' armory, now has a penchant fer Jaffa Cakes] has brought you kids a really early Christmas pressie: a COLLABORATION. Between the minds of geniuses (well they think so) - foresthouse an' Marc Vuletich. An' it comes in th' form of: A COMIC (the first a'many, they claim).

So: enjoy!

(Click fer embiggening!)

He's got a new disguise.

Now, who wants ta see more? Raise yer hand!
Tags: &$%! jaffa cakes, can i go back i miss th' bobbies, collaborators schmollaborators, comics, deadpool's in th' hooouuuse, f&m comics, foresthouse, marc th' magnificent, party in th' uk
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