Deadpool (ask_deadpool) wrote,

What in the name of Jupiter's smelly jockstrap is THAT?

Ectoplasmic endives on an eggroll, my faithful followers! I feel like someone's been walkin' over my grave or somethin'! Wait, wait...nah, my bad. That's just me shivering with dread after seein' the newest trailer fer X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Is that holy horror from Hector's House'a Budget Horrors supposed to be me? I mean, don't get me wrong. All the parts with my good bud Ryan in it look AWESOME. He's really got me down, y'know? Except he needs to work in a few grenade tosses'n'stuff. But anyway. I'm talkin' bout that dude what looks like someone's been drawin' on him with a Magic Marker an crap. And...waita...hold the...are those...jumpin' Jiminy Cricket, they are. LASERS. EYE LASERS. I DON'T HAVE EYE LASERS. I KICK BUTT JUST FINE WITHOUT THEM, THANKS.

Y'all, I think I just got a headache. I need t'lie down. I...I...I gotta go.

Tags: excelsior no more, movies, ryan reynolds, what the hell?, wolverine, x-men

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